Shopping for Clothes words in Arabic – Arabic- Arabic Beginner Lesson 59– Learn Arabic Free Online


Shopping for Clothes words in Arabic-Arabic- Arabic Beginner Lesson 59– Learn Arabic Free Online

Shopping for Clothes 
For many people, one of the most essential items to shop for is malaabis
(mah-lah-bees; clothes). Whether you’re in a foreign country or shopping at
the local mall, chances are that malaabis make it on your shopping list. Table
6-3 lists some basic articles of clothing and accessories you should know.
Table 6-3 Clothing and Accessories
Arabic Pronunciation Translation
sirwaal seer-wal pants (S)
saraawiil sah-rah-weel pants (P)
qamiis kah-mees shirt
‘aqmisa ak-mee-sah shirts
mi’Taf meeh-taf coat
Arabic in Action
Arabic Pronunciation Translation
ma’aaTif mah-ah-teef coats
kaswa kass-wah dress
‘aksiwa ak-see-wah dresses
jallaaba jah-lah-bah Arab dress
jallaabaat jah-lah-bat Arab dresses
Hizaam hee-zam belt
‘aHzima ah-zee-mah belts
qubba’a koo-bah-ah hat
qubba’aat koo-bah-at hats
jawrab jaw-rab sock
jawaarib jah-wah-reeb socks
Hidaa’ hee-dah shoe
‘aHdiya ah-dee-yah shoes
khaatim kah-teem ring
saa’a sah-ah watch
An important consideration when you’re out shopping for malaabis is al-
Hajem (al-hah-jem; size). The four standard clothes sizes are:
 Saghiir (sah-geer; small) (American size [Men’s]: 34–36; American size
[Women’s]: 6–8)
 waSat (wah-sat; medium) (American size [Men’s]: 38–40; American size
[Women’s]: 10–12)
 kabiir (kah-beer; large) (American size [Men’s]: 42–44; American size
[Women’s]: 14–16)
 zaa’id kabiir (zah-eed kah-beer; extra large) (American size [Men’s]: 46
and above; American size [Women’s]: 18–20)
Another important consideration in clothes shopping is the lawn (lah-wen;
color). Because ‘alwaan (al-wan; colors) are adjectives that describe nouns, a
lawn always must agree with the noun in terms of gender. If you’re describing
a feminine noun, use the feminine form of the lawn. When describing masculine
nouns, use the masculine forms. How do you know whether a noun is
feminine or masculine? In about 80 percent of the cases, feminine nouns end
with a fatHa, or the “ah” sound. For the rest, simply look up the word in the
qaamuus (kah-moos; dictionary) to determine its gender. The masculine and
feminine forms of some common colors appear in Table 6-4.
Chapter 6: Going Shopping 117
Table 6-4 Basic Colors in Arabic
Color (M) Pronunciation Color (F) Pronunciation Translation
‘abyaD ab-yad bayDaa’ bay-dah white
‘aswad ass-wad sawdaa’ saw-dah black
‘aHmar ah-mar Hamraa’ ham-rah red
‘akhDar ak-dar khaDraa’ kad-rah green
‘azraq az-rak zarqaa’ zar-kah blue
‘aSfar ass-far Safraa’ saf-rah