Arabic Store Vocabulary – Arabic Beginner Lesson 53– Learn Arabic Free Online


Arabic  Store Vocabulary  Arabic Beginner Lesson- 53– Learn Arabic Free Online

When you want to buy something, you head to the dukkaan (doo-kan; store).
Depending on your shopping list, you can choose from different types of
dakaakiin (dah-kah-keen; stores). If you want to buy some khubz (koo-bez;
bread), then you want to head to the makhbaza (mak-bah-zah; bakery). If
you’re trying to find a particular kitaab (kee-tab; book), then your destination
is the maktaba (mak-tah-bah; bookstore/library). To buy malaabis (mah-lahbees;
clothes), head to dukkaan al-malaabis (doo-kan al-mah-lah-bees; clothing
store). And if you want to buy a midyaa’ (meed-yah; radio) or tilifizyoon
(tee-lee-feez-yoon; television), the dukkaan al-iliktroniyaat (doo-kan al-eeleek-
troo-nee-yat; electronics store) is your best bet.
Here are some additional specialty dakaakiin you may need to visit:
 dukkaan al-Halawiyyaat (doo-kan al-hah-lah-wee-yat; pastry shop)
 dukkaan al-baqqaal (doo-kan al-bah-kal; grocery store)
 dukkaan as-samak (doo-kan ah-sah-mak; fish store)
 jawharii (jaw-hah-ree; jeweler)
Not all dakaakiin sell only goods or products. Other types of dakaakiin provide
services, such as haircuts and manicures. Here are some dakaakiin that
are more service-oriented:
 maktab as-siyaaHa (mak-tab ah-see-yah-hah; travel agency)
 Hallaaq (hah-lak; barber/hairdresser)
 dukkaan al-jamal (doo-kan al-jah-mal; beauty parlor)
If you need to shop for a variety of goods, then your destination is the
dukkaan kabiir (doo-kan kah-beer; department store/mall). At the dukkaan
kabiir, you can find almost everything and anything you want. Or if you’re
not sure what to buy, going to the dukkaan kabiir is a great idea because you
have so many choices that you’re bound to find something that you need or
want to purchase!


Browsing the merchandise
If you’re at the dukkaan and aren’t quite sure what to purchase, then browsing
and checking out the different items is a good idea. You don’t have to buy anything,
and that’s what can be so much fun about window shopping. Feel free to
look through the dukkaan naafida (doo-kan nah-fee-dah; window) for any items
that may attract your attention. While you’re browsing, a khaadim ad-dukkaan
(kah-deem ah-doo-kan; store clerk) (M) or a khaadima ad-dukkaan (kah-deemah
ah-doo-kan; store clerk) (F) may ask:
 hal yumkin ‘an ‘usaa’iduka? (hal yoom-keen an oo-sah-ee-doo-kah?; May
I help you?) (M)
hal yumkin ‘an ‘usaa’iduki? (hal yoom-keen an oo-sah-ee-doo-kee?; May I
help you?) (F)
 hal turiidu shay’ khaaS? (hal too-ree-doo shay kas?; Are you looking for
anything in particular?) (M)
hal turiidiina shay’ khaaS? (hal too-ree-dee-nah shay kas?; Are you looking
for anything in particular?) (F)
 Arabic in Action
If you need musaa’ada (moo-sah-ah-dah; help/assistance), simply respond by
saying na’am (nah-am; yes). (For more on how to ask for and get musaa’ada,
skip to the section “Asking for a Particular Item,” later in this chapter.)
Otherwise, if you want to continue browsing, laa shukran (lah shook-ran; no
thank you) should do the trick.
Getting around the store
If you visit a dukkaan kabiir, you probably need some sort of musaa’ada
because department stores can be very big and very confusing. If you want
tawjiihaat (taw-jee-hat; directions), head to the maktab al-’i’laamaat (mak-tab
al-eeh-lah-mat; information desk) to have your ‘as’ila (ass-ee-lah; questions)
answered. Here are some common ‘as’ila you may ask:
 hal yumkin ‘an tusaa’idunii? (hal yoom-keen an too-sah-ee-doo-nee; Is it
possible for you to help me?)
 ‘ayna aT-Tabiq al-’awwal? (ay-nah ah-tah-beek al-ah-wal; Where is the
first floor?)
 ‘ayna al-miS’ad? (ay-nah al-mees-ad; Where is the elevator?)
 ‘ayna maHall al-malaabis? (ay-nah mah-hal al-mah-lah-bees; Where is the
section for clothes?)
 fii ‘ay Tabaq al-jawharii? (fee ay tah-baq al-jaw-hah-ree; On which floor is
the jeweler located?)
 hal hunaaka makhbaza fii ad-dukaan al-kabiir? (hal hoo-nah-kah makbah-
zah fee ah-doo-kan al-kah-beer; Is there a bakery in the mall?)