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Arabic Asking to speak to someone
Sometimes, a person other than the one you want to talk to answers the
phone. A common phrase to help you ask for the person you called to speak
with is hal (insert name here) hunaa? (hal [name] hoo-naah), which means
“Is (name) here?”
Alternatively you can also use the personal pronouns huwa (if the person
you’re looking for is a man) or hiya (in the case of a woman) instead of using
the person’s name.
Talkin’ the Talk
Kamal calls his friend Rita at home. Rita’s mom, Souad, answers the
phone, and Kamal asks to speak with Rita.
Kamal: allo.
Souad: allo.
Kamal: as-salaamu ‘alaykum. ‘anaa Sadiiq rita. hal hiya
ass-sa-laam-ou a-lai-koum. an-ah sah-deek ree-taa.
hal hee-yah hoo-naah?
Hello. I am a friend of Rita. Is she here?
Souad: na’am hiya hunaa. Maa ‘ismuk?
na-em hee-ya hoo-naah. maah ees-muhk?
Yes, she is here. What’s your name?
Kamal: haadhaa kamal.
haa-zaah kamal.
This is Kamal.
Souad: intaDHir daqiiqa min faDlik.
in-tah-zer dah-kee-kah meen fah-del-ik.
Wait one minute please.
Rita allo kamal.
all-low kamal.
Hello Kamal.