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Arabic Verbs List – Functional Arabic Verbs List

Depending on the type of the verb used in a sentence, there are three patterns of Arabic Verbal Sentences.

1. Basically, a transitive verb needs an object, and the pattern is:

(Option. Adv. Ph. 3) +(Op. Adv. 2) +(Op. Adv. Ph. 1) + Object + Subject+ Verb

طَبَخَت والدتي وَجبَة ً لذيذةٍ بسُرعَةٍ (في مَطبَخِها) قَبلَ ساعَةٍ.

                                 1           2             3

My mother cooked a delicious meal in her kitchen an hour ago.

Optional means that you can have 1, 2 ,3, or NONE of those adverbial phrases. The order depends on what you want to emphasize. The most important comes last.

2. An intransitive verb does not need an object, and the pattern is:

(Op. Adv. Ph. 3) +(Op. Adv. 2)+(Op. Adv. Ph. 1) + Subject+ Verb

جَلسَتْ اُختي وَحيدَة ً في غُرفتِها طولَ اليَومِ.

My sister sat by herself in her room all day long.

3. If the intransitive verb takes a preposition the pattern is:

(Op. Adv. Ph. 1) + Object of the Prep. + Preposition + Subject+ Verb

ذهَبَ أخي إلی المکتـَبَةِ مَنذ ُ ساعَةٍ.

My brother went to the library since an hour.

Please note the following :

* Indicates a “sick verb” which means that there is a long vowel among the 3 Radical Letters of its root.

** Indicates a double end “Shadda Verb.”

Both types behave a little bit different from the regular verbs when theyare conjugated to the various subject pronouns.

to travel .سافـَر1

to eat. أکَـَل2


to meet . قابَل3

to write. کـَتـَب4

to drink. شَرِب5

to ask. سأل6

to read. قـَرَأ 7

to work, do . عَمُل8

to obtain, get . حَصَل علی9

to befriend with. صادَق/ تَصادق معَ10

* to buy .إشتری11

* to walk. مَشی12

to talk with . تَحَدَّثَ / تکـَلـَّم مَعَ13

to talk aboutعَن. تَحَدَّثَ / تکـَلـَّم 14

to hear. سَمِع15

to listen to . إستـَمَع إلی16

to learn . عَلِمَ17

to learn sth. . تعلـَّم 18

to play . لـَعِب19

to go . ذَهَب20

   to leave. تَرَك21

to run . رَكَـَض22

to ride . رَکِب23

* to drive, lead . قاد24

to cook . طـَبَخ25

* to sleep . نام26


*to wake up . صحا27

**to shower . إستحَمَّ28

to welcome, receive someone . رَحَّب29

to see, watch . شاهَد30

to carry . حمَل31

to move, transfer. نقل32

to go up . صَعد33

to go down . نزل34

to rent . إستأجر35

to spend . صَرَف36

to exchange (currency) . صَرَّف37

* to stand up . وَقف38

to sit down . جَلس39

to dance . رَقص40

* to sing . غنـَّی41

to help, assist . ساعَد42

to begin, start . بَدَأ43

to complete, finish . أکمَل44

to argue تَناقش. 45

to discuss ناقش. 46

to look for .بَحَث عن47

* to fly . طار48

to book, reserve. حَجَز49

to laugh.ضَحِك50

* to cry. بکی51

** to like, love . أحبَّ52

to hate . کَرِه53


* to visit . زار54

to marry . تزوَّج55

to elect . إنتخَب56

to become sick . مَرِض57

to feel, sense . شَعَر58

to swim . سَبَح59

   to hug, embrace . حَضَن60

to kiss . قبَّل61

to open . فتح62

to close . أغلق63

to hit . ضَرَب64

to jump. قـَفـَز65

to be informed . اُخبـِر66

to teach . دَرَّس ، عَلـَّم 67

to wear . لَبِس68

to take off . خَلَع69

to drink . شَرِب70

to answer . أجاب71

to correspond with . تَراسَل72

to be angry with . غَضِب مِن/علی73

to compete with . تَنافَس74

to take . أخَذ75

* to give . أعطی76

to author . ألـَّف77

to steal . سَرَق78


to think . فـَکـَّر79

to believe . إعتَقَد80

to immigrate . هاجَر81

to attack . هاجَم82

to live, reside . سَکن83

to graduate . تخَرَّج84

to advertise, announce . أعلن85

to smile . إبتَسَم86

to use . إستعمُل87

to employ . إستَخدَم88

to mention . ذَکـَر89

to remember . تذَکـَّر90

to assemble, meet . إجتَمَع91

*to borrow (not money) . إستعار92

to introduce   . قدَّم93

to imagine . تصَوَّر94

to preserve, maintain . حافَظ علی95

** to solve . حَلَّ96

to escape . هَرَب97

** to continue . واصَل98

to greet   . سَلـَّم علی99

* to arrive   . وصَل100

* to find     101. وَجَد

* to promise 102. وَعَد

* to invite 103. دعا

to recover104. إسترجَع

* to act cruely, to be harsh   . قسا105

* to walk . مَشی106

* to return . عاد 107


*to forget . نسي108

to criticize . إنتـَقـَد109

to influence, affect . أثـَّر110

to exit . خَرَج111

to enter . دَخَل112

to scream, shout . صَرَخ113

to whisper . هَمَس114

to cross . عَبَر115

to express . عَبَّر عَن116

*to say . قال117

*to buy . إشتری118

*to complain . شکا119

*to grow . نَما120

to win . رَبِح121

to lose . خَسِر122

to participate . شارَك123

*to fast . صام124

*to pray . صَلـَی125

*to build . بَنی126

to demolish, tear down   . هَدَم127

to convert to Islam . أسلـَم 128

to surrender. إستسلـَم 129

**to settle down . إستـَقـَرّ130

to be able. تـَمَکـَّن131

to please . أفرَح132

to make happy   . أسعَد133

to raise an issue . أثار134

*to add . أضاف135

to demand . طالـَب136


to happen . حَدَث137

*to remain, stay . بَقي138

to try . حاوَل139

*to be . کان140

to take place, occur . حَدَث141

to exert . بَذل142

to apologize . إعتذ َر143

*to want . تَمنـَّی144

**to respond . رَدّ145

to do . عَمِل146

to accept . قـَبـِل147

to decline, refuse . رَفـَض148

to lose . فـَقـَد149

to expose . کَشـَف150

to push, pay . دَفـَع151

to deal with a matter, to eat a meal . تـَناوَل152

to discover. إکتـَشَف153

*to repeat . أعاد154

to supervise   . راقـَب155

to encourage . شَجَّع156

to lie . کذب157

to prefer . فـَضَّـل158

to trust . وَثِق159

**to continue . إستمَرّ160

*to accept . وافق 161

**to decrease . قـَلّ162

*to increase . إزداد 163

to appear . ظهَر 164

to save . أنقـَذ165


to pressure . ضَغـَط علی166

*to come . جاء 167

to differ . إختـَلـَف168

**to doubt . شَكّ169

to understand . فـَهِم170

to serve . [خَدَم171

*to describe . وَصَف172

**to think, believe . ظـنّ173

to wait . إنتـَظـَر174

to be late . تأخَّر175

to surprise . فاجأ176

to bother, harrass . أزعَج177

to calculate, assume   . خَمَّن178

*to indicate . أشار إلی179

to include   . شَمِل180

*to manage, direct . أدار181

to get closer . إقتـَرَب182

to accuse    . إتـَّهَم183

to exceed . تـَجاوز184

to explain . شَرَح185

to define . حَدَّد186

to achieve, investigate   . حَقـَّق187

to be exposed . إنکشَف188

to expect . توَقـَّع189

to carry out, execute . نـَفـَّذ190

to wonder, question oneself . تَساءَل191

*to stroll, walk around . تَمَشـَّی192

to succeed . نـَجَح193

to fail . فَشِل194


to commit a mistake, crime . إرتـَکـَب195

to honor . أکرَم196

to renew . جَدَّد197

to get angry . غَضِب198

to target . إستـَهدف199

to be hesitant, to be spread (rumor) . تَرَدَّد200

to kill . قَتَل201

to wound . جَرِح 202

. **to get ready . إستـَعَدّ203

to allow204. سَمَح  

to take205. أخـَذ

to eat206. أکـَل

to come, attend207. حَضَر

to study208. دَرَس

to mention209. ذَکـَر

*to visit210. زار

to live, reside211. سَکـَن

to write212. کـَتـَب

*to live213. عاش

*to be absent214. غاب

to spend the night, evening215. سَهَر

to memorize216. حَفِظ

to wear217. لـَبـِس

to play218. لـَعِب

to smoke219. دَخـَّن

to change sth.220. غَـيَّر

to help221. ساعَد

to travel222. سافـَر

to be late223. تـَأخَّر


to be busy224. إنشَغـَل

to meet, assemble225. إجتـَمَع

to move to226. إنتـَقـَل إلی

to rent227. إستأجَر

to welcome228. إستـَقبَل

to leave 229. تَرَك

to occupy230. إحتـَلّ

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