Arabic Examining irregular verb forms Arabic Beginner Lesson-25


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Arabic Examining irregular verb forms Arabic Beginner Lesson-25


Arabic uses both regular and irregular verbs. Regular verbs have a specific
pattern and follow a specific set of rules, but irregular verbs do not. Because
these irregular forms include some of the most common verbs in the language
(such as “to buy,” “to sell,” and “to give”), you should examine them
separately. This section looks at some of the most common irregular verbs in
the Arabic language.
The verb “to sell” is conjugated as baa’a (bah-ah; sold) in the past tense. In
the conjugation that follows, notice that unlike regular verbs, baa’a has only
two consonants (the baa’ and the ‘ayn).
Form Pronunciation Translation
‘anaa bi’tu ah-nah beeh-too I sold
‘anta bi’ta an-tah beeh-tah You sold (MS)
‘anti bi’tii an-tee beeh-tee You sold (FS)
huwa baa’a hoo-wah bah-ah He sold
hiya baa’at hee-yah bah-at She sold
naHnu bi’naa nah-noo beeh-nah We sold
‘antum bi’tum an-toom beeh-toom You sold (MP)
‘antunna bi’tunna an-too-nah beeh-too-nah You sold (FP)
hum baa’uu hoom bah-ooh They sold (MP)
hunna bi’na hoo-nah beeh-nah They sold (FP)
antumaa bi’tumaa an-too-mah beeh-too-mah You sold (dual/MP/FP)
humaa baa’aa hoo-mah bah-ah They sold (dual/MP)

 Basic Arabic Grammar 

In order to conjugate the verb baa’a in the present tense, use the form yabii’u
(yah-bee-ooh; to sell).
Form Pronunciation Translation
‘anaa ‘abii’u ah-nah ah-bee-ooh I am selling
‘anta tabii’u an-tah tah-bee-ooh You are selling (MS)
‘anti tabii’iina an-tee tah-bee-ee-nah You are selling (FS)
huwa yabii’u hoo-wah yah-bee-ooh He is selling
hiya tabii’u hee-yah tah-bee-ooh She is selling
naHnu nabii’u nah-noo nah-bee-ooh We are selling
‘antum tabii’uuna an-toom tah-bee-oo-nah You are selling (MP)
‘antunna tabi’na an-too-nah tah-beeh-nah You are selling (FP)
hum yabii’uuna hoom yah-bee-oo-nah They are selling (MP)
hunna yabi’na hoo-nah yah-bee-nah They are selling (FP)
antumaa tabii’aani an-too-mah tah-bee-ah-nee You are selling
humaa yabii’aani hoo-mah yah-bee-ah-nee They are selling
humaa tabii’aani hoo-mah tah-bee-ah-nee They are selling
For the future tense, simply add the prefix sa- to the present form to get
sayabii’u (sah-yah-bee-ooh; he will sell).
Form Pronunciation Translation
‘anaa sa’abii’u ah-nah sah-ah-bee-ooh I will sell
‘anta satabii’u an-tah sah-tah-bee-ooh You will sell (MS)
‘anti satabii’iina an-tee sah-tah-bee-ee-nah You will sell (FS)
huwa sayabii’u hoo-wah sah-yah-bee-ooh He will sell
hiya satabii’u hee-yah sah-tah-bee-ooh She will sell
naHnu sanabii’u nah-noo sah-nah-bee-ooh We will sell
‘antum satabii’uuna an-toom sah-tah-bee-oo-nah You will sell (MP)
‘antunna satabi’na an-too-nah sah-tah-beeh-nah You will sell (FP)

Getting Started
Form Pronunciation Translation
hum sayabii’uuna hoom sah-yah-bee-oo-nah They will sell (MP)
hunna sayabi’na hoo-nah sah-yah-bee-nah They will sell (FP)
antumaa satabii’aani an-too-mah sah-tah-bee-ah-nee You will sell
humaa sayabii’aani hoo-mah sah-yah-bee-ah-nee They will sell
humaa satabii’aani hoo-mah sah-tah-bee-ah-nee They will sell
Here are some other common irregular verbs:
 waSala/yaSilu (wah-sah-lah/yah-see-loo; arrived/to arrive)
 zaara/yazuuru (zah-rah/yah-zoo-roo; visited/to visit)
 mashaa/yamshii (mah-shah/yam-shee; walked/to walk)
 ‘ishtaraa/yashtarii (eesh-tah-rah/yash-tah-ree; bought/to buy)
 radda/yaruddu (rah-dah/yah-roo-doo; answered/to answer)
 jaa’a/yajii’u (jah-ah/yah-jee-ooh; came/to come)
 ra’aa/yaraa (rah-ah/yah-rah; saw/to see)
 ‘a’Taa/yu’Tii (ah-tah; yah-tee; gave/to give)